sobota, 23 października 2010

Playing with Amarok's UI part 2

This is going to be the first post only in english :D And this is because the instructions for these mockups are written in english. They will be send to Amarok developers. :D Ok, now let's see what devil things i've done today:

Amarok new Album view

Details popup for selected album

New playlist header (layout is ofc. changable ;) )

New media browser look with buttons bar

This is all now. 
Here you can find all details of these mockups.

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Poldark pisze...

They are great!

Thank you very much for your post in english. I am one of the spanish guys following your blog, and I always use the chrome translator to read your posts.

Hope Mark Kretschman take good notes of your post to improve this amazing app.

Regards from Spain,


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